Sunday, December 5, 2010

Papers & Interviews

Well, I had my skype interview on Friday for my trip. It included standard questions like: "What are your motivations?" "What travel experience do you have?" "How will you teach with little to no resources?" "How do you feel about living with a host family?"  I think I was able to answer most of them fairly well. My biggest weakness is I have no travel experience. I've only lived in the Midwest and been to Florida and Pennsylvania when I was five years old. The other awkward moment was the ending.  A standard interview is ended with a handshake and some confident body language. Who hangs up first on skype? I have no idea! lol Now, I'm left to wait two weeks for information on whether I was accepted. I hope and pray I was. I really want to do this trip for so many reasons. Wish me luck in finding out soon!

I am also coming upon the infamous DEAD WEEK. Creighton doesn't have the standard policy of not allowing professors to assign work due the week before finals. Yet, we all still call it dead week. It's a nice way of congratulating our professors on killing us with an overload of work. I have written more papers than I'd like to admit this weekend and still have more to finish. They are not particularly difficult, just depressing. My development paper is on identity during adolescence. My ethics paper is on Euthanasia. The combination is more than I can handle. Puberty and Death all right before a week of crazy finals. Sounds fun, right?   

Luckily, I got to start of these weeks with a birthday party. I turned 21 on Friday. A few friends came over to my apartment and we had food, conversation, card games (one of which was so violent I started bleeding. lol), and a movie. It was wonderful to relax for a bit and pretend I haven't been procrastinating this semester. No one got drunk or did anything stupid either, including me! See, it's possible to be responsible and have fun, too. The picture below was taken by my roomie when I opened my gift. It was a book. I'm kinda in love with books. Needless to say, I was overjoyed and look crazy due to the intense emotions. It's a book with all these great science and math quotes given to be my one of my favorite geeky friends, Steven.

Good luck to all those who are also studying for finals. I should be back to Wisconsin sometime before December 21st for those Wisconsinites that care to know.


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