Friday, October 29, 2010

Deciding on a Gap Year

I'm a Junior Physics and Secondary Education Major at Creighton University. I love the subjects that I'm working on. I love my campus jobs at the library and raising scholarship funds at Phonathon. I have some amazing friends and a divine roommate. But, I've lived my entire life in the midwest in the States. I'm restless and want to move outside of my norms. I want to explore the world and take my learning outside of the textbook.

 "Learning by Doing" is a 4-H motto that I have lived with my entire life (my parents were club and county leaders). Through 4-H, FFA, other clubs, my church and my volunteering I was provided with opportunities in High School to get out of the classroom and do something. Lately, all I've had time for is papers, problem sets, work, and maybe a few hours of sleep. I guess I'm feeling "burned out". I don't like that term because I know that I have all this boiling energy right below the surface of my actions waiting for the right catalyst to explode into grand things. I just can't seem to find that catalyst. My environment has become stagnant.

Thus, I am going to take a gap year, or at least a gap semester. My plans have always been to volunteer overseas after graduation. I'm just going to take those plans and move them to this gap year. I found an amazing opportunity called GreenHeart Travel. Hopefully, I will get to teach in the Republic of Georgia. The program sounds safe, immersive, and exciting. The things I've gained in my education classes should help me make a strong contribution to teaching English there. I'll get to learn a new language and culture and meet tons of new people.

My application is almost done. Just my letter to my host family, a physical, and my reference letters left to do. Wish me luck! This could be the start to a brilliant new adventure!!


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